We Buy Gold at Morro Bay Jeweler

Gold and Silver are at record levels!

Get cash for gold now! We pay top dollar for your unwanted Gold, Silver, and Platinum. We have been in business since 1928 and understand that you don’t want to trust just anyone with your precious metals and items; This is why we are committed to helping you get the best service and more money for your gold. Sell to someone you know and trust! We offer free quotes, no pressure, and there is no obligation to sell.

How do I sell my gold, silver or platinum jewelry?

We will evaluate your items and pay you on the spot.

What types of items do you buy?

We buy anything and everything that contains pure gold, silver, or platinum. We will buy your unwanted jewelry and scrap jewelry, gold coins, rings, bracelets, charms, necklaces, watches, bangles, dental gold, silver coins, sterling silver silverware, platters, flatware sets and more.

How do I know if my items are real gold, silver, or platinum?

We determine the purity of each piece of gold by going through a 3-Step process. We will test whether or not each piece is magnetic, has a proper hallmark stamp, and finally we will file into each piece and test with a solution. After performing these 3 steps, we will be able to determine whether or not your piece is real and the karatage of each piece. Remember, just because your gold looks real and has a stamp, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s authentic. If you have any questions and would like us to determine the authenticity of your items, simply bring them into our store and we will assess them. We offer free quotes and there is no obligation to sell.

Is my gold jewelry not 100% gold?

18K is 75% pure gold, 14K is 58 % pure gold, 10K gold is 41 % pure gold. Therefore if an item is 18K gold, it is worth more than a similar item made of 10K gold.

Platinum jewelry is 90% pure platinum. An ounce of platinum is much smaller than an ounce of gold because it is heavier and denser. In addition, platinum costs more per ounce. Therefore, all platinum jewelry is significantly more valuable than any gold jewelry of equal size and weight.

How much will I get paid? How soon?

We pay you on the spot. When you come into our store to sell your unwanted valuables, you will get paid immediately. The amount paid is based on the karat and weight of each piece as well as the current market price of the precious metals.

Shouldn’t I be able to sell my items for what I paid for them?

It just depends, in some cases you will get more and sometimes less. We purchase items for the purpose of melting and refining the precious metals so we do not pay for craftsmanship, diamonds, or colored stones. Design and sheer beauty do not factor into pricing since we are not going resell items to the public.

Will you buy the stones in my jewelry?

Unfortunately we do not directly purchase diamonds or colored gem stones, however we do weigh your pieces with the stones intact so you are getting paid gold prices for your stones. In special situations we do offer free stone removal as a service to our customers.

Before you sell your gold, know your expert.

When the price of gold rises, the number and types of businesses that buy gold also rises. But are all of them experts? No, most are not! Be sure that you understand the motivation behind each type of business buying gold, silver, platinum, coins and other items of value BEFORE you sell:

Pawn Shops – their main business is to loan money at a rate of interest, not to buy jewelry. They deal in everything – tools, cars, videos, guns and musical instruments – anything of value. Jewelry is usually not the primary focus of their business. Loaning money on items, not buying items, is their primary focus and expertise.

Coin Shops – their primary business and expertise may lie with coins. They tend to be very low buyers of gold, jewelry, and diamonds.

Hotel Buying Events – these businesses usually travel from town to town and conduct business for a weekend only. They offer very little for items of value. These events only occur when the price of gold is high. If there is a problem, the seller has little recourse. The event does little to support the local economy and the buyers are usually strangers to the town.